Heute feiern wir!

Ja, denn wir haben ein zweites Haus für eine grosse Flüchtlingsfamilie fertig renoviert und schön gemacht.
Hier kurz die Idee für alle gleich in Englisch:


The idea of a Refugeeum (Zufluchtsort) was in our hearts for a long time. It was born last year and it grows with each day.
A project which started with the clear desire to help those in need, predominantly focused on victims of war but it is an ever evolving project
with open arms and an open heart. In the short time that Refugeeum has been in action
we have already been able to house and help guide the integration process of a family from Afghanistan.
A family with 7 children who have experienced things so tragic, one doesn’t wish to even hear or imagine them.
We hope to expand our abilities to help as much and as many as possible therefore, we are
looking to arrange at least two more houses to provide shelter and refuge to those who need it within the near future.

On the backdrop of poisoned and splintered politics, Refugeeum has
shown the power individual people have when they gather as a community to work together,
share ideas and help one another. And what a joy it is as well. Friendships are built,
opportunities to experience and learn new things suddenly present themselves and for us here
at Refugeeum, after all the wonderful times we’ve had, it’s still just the beginning.

We look forward to all the next steps on our path and if you feel you can help or assist us in any way, or just wish to ask us some questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Love! Stevi+Sarah and the Refugeeum Team

For more: www.refugeeum.org

Welcome! ترحيب خوش آمدید

Tilly, ich und meine neuen Freunde vom Weigel Haus in Essen sind mitten in der Planung
für ein Benefiz-Konzert mit und für Menschen, die aus ihrem Land fliehen mussten! Es wird ein bunter Abend mit viel Musik, Geschichten über verlorene und gefundene Heimat, Tanz & Buffet!
Das Eintrittsgeld geht direkt an die Flüchtlingsarbeit des Weigel Hauses und an den Refugeeum e.V bei Dresden.
Willkommen, Welcome! ترحيب خوش آمدید and bring your friends!
Am 20.Februar 2016
Einlass: 18.30
Start: 19:30
FotoHand in hand
hand in hand

Bye Bye Ireland

We’ve had beautiful concerts.
In Kilkenny at Highbanks organic orchards, with ownmade brandy, apple cider and a wonderful audience. Thank you Julie & Rod for having us and for your heart to help others!
Crocanoir how sweet the sound! Ireland you have the most exciting and true musicians. Thanks for having us as special guests. John & Monika you rock!
Playing at Ballybrado on our last night was a joy! Fantastic listeners, delicious food and devastating hospitality. Merci Josef & Marianne!❤️
Still thrilled by all of you. Hope to meet you all again soon!
Sarah, with love from Martina