I really really love to play music.
Lucky us that we can do our dreamjob:
Playing music and making happy people!
In my imagination, i was eight or nine, standing
at the edge of my bed with a hairbrush in my hand,
singing as loud as my sisters allowed me to,
trying to get their attention. Simulating a concert
in my child’s room. But now it’s real:)

My boys and me are back on Tour in January 2015, plus a few solo shows this year.
Just check out our Tourdates regularly, they’re filling up fast.
Another concert with and for Refugees is also on the plan!

We always welcome new ideas! Just write to: musik@sarahbrendel.de

Wish you all a happy week!


Photo by: Eva Jung


I shot this photo in Bălan, Romania in 2011.
A city with one of Transylvania and Romania’s most important centers for copper mining. In 2006 all mining-relatedimage activities were stopped in Balan by the Romanian government. This left a huge gap and the unemployment now is around 80%.

The conditions the families we visited had to live in were appalling, children and parents squalor in small rooms with little food. Those who were lucky enough to live in a small flat without a leaking roof had to endure the mould that seemed to have gotten everywhere

We believe that every child has the right to a safe and loving home. Time and time again Open Hands meets with families who live in extreme poverty. These families struggle to meet their most basic needs for food, shelter and clothing. As a charity we want to help these families to achieve long-lasting change, this is why we make long term commitments to support them. By building trusting relationships with families we are able to work with them to achieve improvements; some of these improvements can be life-saving.

If you want to know more about the work of “Open Hands” founded by my sister Rebekka Maughan you are welcome to contact her:






Heute verlosen wir Wohnzimmerkonzerte, schliesslich ist ja
dann bald Weihnachten und wir lieben gemütliche Konzerte!
Zwei Wochenenden haben wir freigehalten:
6.-8. November (Sarah solo) und 14.-16.November (Sarah mit Cello&Geige)

Entscheidend ist der Raum! Je kreativer der Ort, umso besser und nicht zu klein sollte er sein. Schick uns einfach ein Foto von dem Raum Deiner Wahl und den Grund, warum Du uns liebend gerne einladen möchtest: