To go unsung?

Dear people!
So we are safe and sound, back to everyday life after some exciting weeks.
Moritz, Fil and I experienced a very strong tour while playing in prisons, it felt like beeing
hit by lightning or beeing electrified by a higher power! It just felt right, we will do it again!

I then left for Romania with my younger sister, my daddy and a friend to visit the poor places with its hundreds and hundreds of children, hungry and neglected. Never in my life I saw so much poverty. Never so much helplessness. But God gave us hands and he gave us feet and so much to eat. If we just share what we have, if we use our vitality to help those who need (clothes, food, money), if we stand together for one another and if we believe that we were meant to be brothers, you and i, sister and brother! Then we might start to care for each other ( money was made to help one another). Living in Germany has made me blind many times for the world outside, I finally had to step out to see again. What I saw makes me cry: I have at least 10 trousers, 20 Tshirts and 15 pair of shoes, 3 winterjackets and much more. I saw children without underwear. If I have a little toothache i go to the toothdoctor to ease my pain. I saw a dozen children, mothers and fathers who have no money to visit a doctor though they have serious diseases: Hydrocephalus,Scabies,Asthma, Chronic Wounds (it says time heals all wounds it also says to Think is to act!) Dear People! Let us sing a song for those who have no voice, Dignity belongs to us all! Sarah

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